Saturday, 17 January 2015

DIY Under Eye Corrector

Hey everyone! So, for my first post I am going to share the "recipe" for a DIY under eye corrector. 

Correctors are different to concealers as they act to cancel out the colour underneath it, e.g. green to cover redness. In this case we are covering blue/purple under eye circles, so an orange, yellow or pink corrector will work best.

The colour to use will differ depending on your skin tone & undertone. For blue under eye circles, use peach, for purple circles use yellow, and for fair skin a salmon corrector. The darker the skin tone the darker the colour you should use.

Now to make the corrector: All you need is a concealer matching your skin tone (or a shade lighter if you like) and a lipstick in the right colour for you as mentioned above (try to use one without glitter or ultra shine - a matte would work nicely, but is not necessary). You will also need a small container to store your corrector in.

Disperse the concealer into a small bowl. now take your lipstick and add a small blob of it and stir. If it is too difficult to mix them together microwave the mixture for a few seconds. The amount of lipstick you add is up to you. Try to make it a colour which will correct your circles but will also be blendable - test it out if you're not sure. If you want high coverage you can add more lipstick making the corrector more coloured, but you will probably have to wear it under your foundation. It's up to you.

Now all that's left to do is scrape your corrector into a container and try it out!

I hope this was helpful! Make sure to ask any questions or just a comment. I am planning on blogging about my room makeover, so if you would like to see that make sure you keep updated. I will post as soon as I start the fun parts!

- Ella