Friday, 6 November 2015

Ariana Grande Focus Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone, today I am sharing with you a makeup tutorial for Ariana Grande's new music video, Focus. I love her makeup in the video, so I tried it out, including the two lip colours!

What you will need:

  • primer, foundation, concealer, powder
  • cool toned contour powder & lighter matte highlight
  • eyebrow pomade or pencil
  • eyeshadow primer
  • matte light pink eyeshadow & shimmery light pink eyeshadow
  • blue eyeliner
  • navy blue eyeshadow or blue & black eyeshadow
  • mascara, false eyelashes (optional)
  • light pink lipliner or lipstick & gloss
  • deep berry lipliner & lighter pink lipliner or lipstick


1. First I started with my base: primer, foundation, concealer and powder to recreate her flawless matte base.

2. In the video she looks like she has a soft contour, so I used a cool toned powder to create a softly blended contour under my cheek bones, and a lighter powder to slightly highlight areas of my face.


Ariana's eyebrows are quite straight and blunt, so I outlined my eyebrows in a straighter fashion, making sure not to overdraw them, then filled them in.


In the video, she has two slightly different eye looks, but for this tutorial I am going to recreate this one.

1. After priming my eyelids, first I used a matte pink in my crease.

2. Next I used a shimmery pink shadow on my lid.

3. For the liner, I used a dark blue to create a wing - it doesn't have to be perfect, & you can use a q-tip to neaten it & slightly smudge it out. 

4. Next I used an angled brush with a mix of blue & black eyeshadow to create the deep blue smudged wing

5. On her lower lash line, Ariana has a nude colour. First I used a nude eyeliner to line just under my lower lashes. 

6. Next I used a similar shade of eyeshadow to set the liner.

7. I then curled my lashes and added mascara. 

8. Finally I added some lashes which I felt closest matched Ariana's in the video - natural but slightly flared out at the outer lashes.



In the video Ariana has two lip colours - a glossy pink lip and a lined berry lip.

1. For the first lip colour I used a light pink lip liner to fill in my lips. Then I used a light pink gloss over the top.

2. For the lined lips, I started by filling my lips with a light pink/berry shade. Then I carefully lined the outside of my lips with a darker berry liner, following the shape of my lips. The line is quite thick which makes it easier to perfect.


And that's it! Let me know if you liked this tutorial and if you would like to see more like these. Also feel free to make any suggestions!

- Ella

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